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USPS Rate Increase 01/21/2018

The USPS will increase rates on 01/21/2018.  You can go here to see the rate increases for FC, COM, Certified, postage and weights.  Rate Increase Link

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Auto Save for Hybrid Envelopes

We added an auto save feature to the Hybrid envelopes program.  When you start a new mailing the information will be saved as you go.   This helps if you forgot to click ‘save’ at the bottom of the form.  Example:  If you have manually entered multiple addresses and lose Internet connection or step away for 30 minutes and the system times out your information will still be saved.  The job will be listed under the Mailing History as Incomplete.  Just click the edit button to continue.




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USPS Rate Changes

On January 22 the USPS is changing rates.  These rates will go into effect in our system on January 22.  A new rate card will be available then.  To read more click USPS RATE CHANGE


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Our New Website is Live

Welcome to our new website.  We have upgrading our servers for better load balancing, speed and reliability.  Our envelope site will be updated on 11/07/2016 to . We are striving to provide you with the best experience possible.  Also, we are changing our design to provide a better usability and adding new features to all our mailing services.  We will keep you posted as changes occur an appreciate your business.



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